Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#34. Hellow

 Hellow, How are you today, it's rain here in CO. it's dark outside, no fun, so I think I am going to work in my home today (I am a bijiness woman now, you know? still processing Yogi merchandise order/ship today, and designing for new merchandise).  I'll show you.
See? I'm checking the sales with my Pink Lap top.

Break time, although I have no fur, I has to cleeeen.

Now I'm at Yahoo.com to check my fan mail.
 See? I am working today... on the bed!! I'm the boss in da bijiness, I am allowed to work from the bed, I hink.
 And this is the latest work by Imoe from last night- M&M and Me.
  I love chocolates!! see? akshally I purrefurrr the one made in Euro or Japan, but I was hungry then, ate all M&M in the bowl. well then, see you tomoroooo. XLXL.... Yogi

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