Saturday, May 14, 2011

#24.the Cattttooon and Movie fewturring me

Hellow. how are you? how's weather in your area? it's rain here in CO today. Anyway,  today I'm going to show you the catttooon and Movie I have been in. I hope you'll like them.
 Movie~The Adjustment Bureau : Starring Me and Matt Damon. I am the bad guy who chase Matt Damon and his GF everywhere in NYC. See? me staring at them from behind and they are running away. But this scene is silly, they forgot that I am very slow to move like Turtle. 0.3 miles/hour. they don't need to run so fast. they have plenty of time to cross the street(at their walking speed) and stop by Starbucks and have a cup of coffee and  I wouldn't even be 0.5miles near them yet. silly moovie.

And this is Catttooon I am in as a guest star. LAZY WOMAN'S FITNESS(from RedBook) *Click the pic if difficult to see details,
; I can't stand to see peeple trying to get lose weight or do fitness exercise. I want all of them to fail of their diet plan like me. I saw the woman doing exercise, so I decided to bother her in Yogi way. pretty mean, isn't it? well, that's meeeee.

Well since it's rain here and feel not good mood today,  I am going to take a nap all afternoon as usual.
See you tomottoooooo, XLXL....Yogi

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