Monday, May 9, 2011

#19. New hairdo

Hellow, how was your weekend? well,  I'm gonna show you my new hairdo pics tuday. I've tried several new style in the last 2 weeks. I hope you  like them.

 The hairdo in those two pics is the same, but the top one is called "Mick Jaggurrr" and the bottom one is called "Rod Steward"
 Mick Mars (Motley Clue) with 70's hair
(Mick Mars(Motley Clue) face looks like me!! Human-Yogi)
Modeling for Vogue


Lady Gaga

Ohh it's lunch time now, I gotta publish this post now. see you tomorooo. XLXL.... Yogi


  1. Hi beffkin, shanQ fur writing me. I hope you meent you like all Yogi hairdo. see you tomorooo.