Saturday, May 28, 2011

#38. Gud evvning!!

Gid evvnung furriends, I was in the talk with some homeless cat issue all day on FB today(have you seen it? some page post homeless cats info, and people who care join the thread to talk about how to help, some offer money, some offer transportation etc.. I think that's very good and effective). there was a very sad one who was blind, senior(9yr old but only 3.5 lbs) injured, and someone from IL wanted to adopt him, and let the shelter know it, but shelter has ignored her request and killed the poor boy. everybody who worried about the boy was so upset, they still write comments for the topic on FB today.. so sad, and very outrageous.

I myself was once homeless, and have lived in the animal jail. that was very scary and not comfortable. Oh yes, even pure bred dogs/cats become homeless, nobody is guaranteed or promised to have a happy life with responsible purrson and  a home for life, so homeless pets issue is not just somebody else's issue. it's something evevybody should think of. I was able to send some money from the sales of Yogi merchandise to needy furriends NYC earlier this week, that made me feel bit better, but money do not change the situation so quickly, what else can we do??
Me, earlier this week,, Airplane ears.
  And this is the funny pic of me by Imoe cat last night, me got ticket.
Me scary.
I think I'll take a nap now. see you tomoroooooo,
 XLXL... Yogi


  1. You make a good point, Yogi! I think everyone should spay or neuter their pets. And I think if people are looking for a new pet, they should adopt a rescue animal. There are too many rescue animals just waiting for their new homes.

  2. Hi Shanks Angee fur writing here. there are many kittens on deathrow list from NYC daily lately(spring is baby season). it's been a while people has started saying Spay/neuter, but many people still don't realize the importance of it or don't think of it at all apparently. we still must continue saying Spay/Neuter to the public. Yogi is an example of "eveybody has something special, unique". if she was killed in shelter, the funny Yogi world on FB would never have existed. many furriends enjoy her and like her now. they don't hope Yogi was not here with us today. every cats, dogs, would be loved if given a chance..