Thursday, May 26, 2011

#36.The Yoggy Mouse

Hellow. sorry for late to update today again. this is what I am doing tuday.(photo taken 20 min ago)
It's really difficult for me to write something daily because my 24 hr is "eet-sleep-eet-sleep-bully-eet-sleep(repeat)" mostly, so to entertain you guys, I need to create funny pictures of me daily. here is one of Imoecat(the creator) 's favorite, the Yoggy Mouse, me disguised as Mickey Mouse... strenji...
I think I look pretty much like Micky.

In Burberry pant(some furriends think it's a diaper cover)

The Yoggy  mouse broke the plane.(click the pic to enlarge).

I hope I could visit the Disney land fur vacation 'cause I work hard as you see and also my daily schedule is boring.I want to chase and eet the real Micky mouse in the Disney land.
See you tomorrroooo, XLXL.... Yogi

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