Sunday, May 22, 2011

#32.The Yoprah

Hellow. how are you? it's little better weather here in CO today(compare to 2-3 days ago), but still not like the beginning of the summer or in the mid of Spring. I hink I am going to watch TV and take a nap all day as usual.

Speaking of TV, I've heard of that Oprah show will end this week. many furriends of me on FB do not like it, they gonna miss her show.. anyway I've created the new picture of me last night.
The Yoprah!! it's not a name of  a monster, it's Yogi+Oprah, 2 popular  XXXL women in US.
The Yoprah, (me and Oprah )
Do you like it? I hope so. maybe I should send this pic to Oprah.. I wear her curlers and she has got my body, I think naked Oprah look similar to this. (saggin boobees and XXXL bottom). 

Well... I still have to work for processing Yogi merchandise order and shipment today, so let me go now.
See you tomorooooo. XLXL... Yogi

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