Friday, May 20, 2011

#30. My funny photos by Imoecat "Me and Food"

Hellow. How are you? I'm sleepy (it's almost noon here in CO). see?  I've ooverheard the conversation between Imoecat and my Momsy on FB that I'm now as popular as Luna the fashionkitty !!! I can't belieeve. ShanQ fur suppurrting me. well, I'm showing my funny pics by Imoecat again. "me and Food" theme photos today. I hope you'll giggle.
Me look like Soysauce bottle

New Hat & hair extention from McDonald's

Potato me

This is real product in store, the Yogi Tea.  
 I hink I am still sleepy, and continue napping all afternoon. Hey, new Yogi merchandise has just arrived today. will be listed on Ebay later, keep your eye on Yogi Fan page on FB. Shanks for visiting me here tuday. See you tomorooooo/ XLXL  Yogi

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