Friday, May 27, 2011

#37.Yogi catalog

Hellow. it's sunny day here in CO finally today, but what I do is eet-sleep-eet-sleep-bully-eet-sleep(repeat) as usual.  About Bullying, I have no intention to bully others(as I showed before, I live with 6 other Sphynx, they are all in size XS ~S, I am the only one in size XXXL), but they mostly hide or go away when I get near them.(watch the movie "Evvybody affuraid of me" in one of my blog topic in April, you'll see how others react when they see me). when people see others run away from me, they think I bullied them, dat's all. by the way, I am going to post Yogi catalog today.

Yogi mug, available in June, need to sign up for pre-order list.

Sexy Yogi mousepad available in June, need to sign up pre-order list.

Yogi and middle aged man Tee, XL only one in stock ($14)

Yogi tote (approx13x13x2.5 canvas) sold out, back in stock in June($10) 

Free Yogi gifts. while supplies last(still available) come with any purrchase.(autographed photo, 2 pcs stickers, sexy magnet and business cards)  

  If you would like to purrchase Yogi merchandise, please write comment on this blog or visit Yogi and Furriends on Facebook, and write on the wall. the sales is pretty good (Yogi mug has 15 pre-order in the first 24 hrs I posted on FB few days ago), but still not popular enough to open store with merchandise always in stock. sorry for the inconvenience. Pay Pal, check or M.O.

  And this is me latest.
I think I was grumpy as usual then...  I hope you are not grumpy like me. well, then see you tomorooooo.
XLXL.... Yogi

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