Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#28. XXXL me

Hellow. how are you? still chilly here in CO. can you believe this? the summer break for public school is beginning in 2 days !! oo I can't believe this weather, I hink we'll see snow again this month.
then I will continue staying in a home all day, and repeat eat-sleep-eat-sleep-bully-eat-sleep-eat-sleep schedule everyday then I'll be XXXXL soon. well, I think I am going to scare you today by showing how XXXL I am.

Scary me.

that's me!


Look at my belly, this is recent pic, this is real.

XXXL grumpy



See? if you are Sphynx cats, don't copy what I do, OKey? XXXL belly not healthy and look strenji. not cool.
you gotta stay healthy and live longer, that'll make your human purrents happy. I hink I am going to the Yoga class more often from now. see you tomoroooo. XLXL...Yogi


  1. If I lived in CO I would come do yoga with you!

  2. Hai Ms.Catsparella! ShanQ fur the comment again. I think Yogi wishes she had a furriend who goes to Yoga class with her, so she won't miss the class. Yogi's upperbody is very actibe but her lowerbody is not(XXXL Belly and Butt too heavy).you can see it on her videos.. see you tomoroo.~Imoecat