Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

Gud Evvning!! updating late might again... I'm grumpy!!
You might think I am sleeping, but look closer, opening eye.
 I am always grumpy almost 24 hours/day. sometimes smile, once in a month or so. you want to see my smile?
The Smile Yogi.
Today, my little brother(not biologically related) has received mail from his FB furriend in UK, inside the mail, he found fresh catnip, he got crazy~~, but did not share it, I got angry, so I decided to stalk him, followed him fur waiting to attack to him... (picture below.. he's XS and I am XXXL as you can see).
Click to enlarge, so you can see how big I am.

And this is just published by Imoecat on FB, my funny picture by her for today. the title is "The Dog Food"
I hope you like this pic.
  That's all fur today, see you tomorrrrroooooooo.

XLXL... Yogi

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