Saturday, May 7, 2011

#18. XXXL by Yogi-my fashion brand

Hellow. I've sold 2 Yogi tee in the last 2 days so faurrr. only one left(I only had 3 to sell!! now taking order via FB and received several order, will re-instock soon). Speaking of  fashion,  I have designed some clothing by  myself but they are just sample at this time. would you like to see?

              My brand name is called "XXXL by Yogi" I've designed Tee, dress, jean, and a bag as you see.
                                    My picture on the dress(click to enlarge if difficult to see)
Yogi Tee  and Jean

                                                     Now Barbie carrying Yogi purrse
                                                   Yogi purrse upclose

                                                   Back of Jean-Yogi tail

 I am gonna add more in my collection, and will show you when I add more or everytime I add new one,
Not so bad, aren't they? some my human fans asked me where they can buy Yogi tee or Jean akshally.

 I like creating things. see you tomorroooo. XLXL.... Yogi

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