Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#27. My Furrmily

Hellow, sorry for late to update fur today. it's coooold here in CO again. Today, I ran out of topic to write here, so I am going to introduce you my siblings. good idea? Well. not really biologically related, I live with 6 other Sphynx cats in my house, and I am only the one in size XXXL. other kids are XS-S. also I am the only one with Hippo skin color.(Others are pink and grey).  Anyway I'm going to show you pics of them.
 Size S girls-Avee, Hattie and Tink, they are pink and grey and skinny/
 Hattie and Tink. pink girls.
 New boy-Milton he has just joined our furrmily last fall. I bully him a lot.
 Hattie and Milton playing on my Burberry(faux) blankee.
 Mimsy, the hairy Sphynx, she has meny hair for Sphynx but she has no eyes.
Avee and Moshi
Look how big Iam (Large potato)

                                             Me with Hattie I look like a middle aged man.
                              Skinny gals are sitting there, I can't jump on there, too high...

The Meal time in my house. this was before Milton joined us, so total 6 SPhynx in this pic.

                                     Hattie and me. I'm really bully as you see.

                 intersting, wasn't it? well. I hink I am going to have some nap today. see you tomorroo.

XLXL.... Yogi

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