Sunday, May 15, 2011

#25. The Bad Cat.

Hellow. it's snow here in CO tuday, I'm grumpy as usual. see?

  I know I look grumpy and looks bad, and akshally not just the way I look, I myself is really bad, I bully other Sphynx siblings at home evvyday, I try to eat one of them repeatedly. I think I am a bad cat. I'll show you how bad I am.
 Can you find me in this pic? this is a photo via Welgreens Security camera. I'm the Walgreens Robbery!!! I wanted the expensive diet pills.
 And in this pic(above) I am in the Micky Mouse costume(call me "Yoggy mouse") , I wanted to visit Disney land but never used the airplane to transport myself, I thought this is the way ride on the plane(like bike), den I broke the plane into 2 pieces...Oh No.
Me as robbery again, I saw the young man was sleeping with his many money on his face, I gotta take them all before he wakes up.

See? I am bad. you should not raise your cats be like me. see you tomorrrrooooo.
XLXL... Yogi

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