Thursday, May 19, 2011

#29. my funny pictures by Imoe cat~ Yogi with people

Hellow. totally ran out of topics to write here.. (updating daily with something only about me is difficult), but I think I gotta crack you up, so I will show you here my recent photos by Imoecat. (means funny pictures).
This is exactly what you guys do when you see me on your PC

I've got caught in the Michael Jordan's XXXL boxer. nice fit.

Stealing Kim's hotdog

with my furried Lady Gaga

Joined the band(RATT)

With the XXXL Japanese man, this is a cover photo of Japanese Gay men mag

Did you like them? I hope so. it's still not good weather here in CO. I think I am going to nap again. see you tomorooooo. XLXL.. Yogi

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