Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello Kitty, too sexy?

Hellow furriends!!
Today, I want to show you something strenji that I saw in Japanese news website.

 This is Hello Kitty, supposed to have been the new product design in Japan,
designed for the upcoming traditional summer festival in Kyushu (South side Japan).
But as you see, it looks like she is wearing thong. it's not thong, actually,
the classic style men's underwear in Japan that looks like thong,
Have you seen Sumo wrestler in fighting ?
they wear thong-look thing, don't they?
What the Hello kitty is wearing in this picture is something similar to it.

Some people did not mind this, but many people probably
said nasty, and the company or festival announced today that
they decided not use this image for the festival.
the Hello Kitty merchandise for the event with this image won't be sold.

Is this too much, too nasty? nothing wrong? Cute?
what do you think?


Yogi (AKA Hello Grumpy)

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