Monday, April 10, 2017

Can we buy these Vegan beauty products ?

 Recently my manager has received samples of Loreal Shampoo and Conditioner,
She wants to buy beauty products that are not tested on animals,
and she knew Loreal was not "Not tested on Animals",
so she knew she was not going to buy the shampoo and conditioner as long as
they were from Loreal, but she did not want to throw the samples away, so she
decided to use,  But ..
Surprise! she found the words " Vegan" "Not tested on Animals" on the  package.
Seriously? Loreal?

Can you see the right top of the tube says 100% Vegan?

V means Vegan

the magazine ad
Not tested on Animals!
She also knows that Nutrogena skin care have Natural products which are
also "Not tested on Animals".

Nutrogena Naturals
package of the Nutrogena natural: see? the bunny means "Not tested on animals".

When you need to buy Vegan skin care or hair care product at the grocery store,
there are not many choice as you might know.
Some stores carry Vegan products lately ( I mean certified ones such as Alba Botanica,
Yes to.., Bart's Bees) , but not enough to choose, and yet expensive, 
So if the familiar brand like Nutrogena and Loreal sell "Not tested on Animals" products,
it'll be very convenient, and helpful. it gives us more choice.

But can we buy those products? 
this does not mean many other products from Loreal and Nutrogena are 
also "Vegan". 

this is very confusing. we want to buy Vegan products with words "Not tested on animals"
but if we buy those Loreal shampoo or Nutrogena Natural skincare products,
the money will go and support the companies who are not 100% vegan. 
why do those companies  make and sell those vegan products if they are not 100% certified vegan companies? 

I want to see the bunny or the words " not tested on animals" on all products from 
those companies in the future. (I hope)

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