Friday, March 11, 2016

Me on TV!!

Good Grumpy Afternoon.

About a week ago,
I received notification for Yogi And Furriends.
it was about one of our Japanese furriends left comment on my page.
I checked what she wrote.
She said : " I was watching morning show just now, and Yogi , you were on the TV show"
I was like .."what is she talking about?????"
I immediately replied her to ask for details.
She said it was about Trump Your Cat (* Instagram page)
The TV show picked my picture to broadcast.

My manager asked people if anyone recorded the show that day.
Nobody had.
then asked them if anyone knew how to get the copy of the video of the show,
one of the friends knew a blog that I could get the copy of the video from,
we got the copy of the video of the show (within 24 hrs!!)

This is the link (click this link below)
Me on TV

O yes, Dat's me!! (Screen shot from TV)

O No!! it was me!!
it was on March 2, Yogi and Furriends's fan page 5th Anniversary day!!
it was great surrprise for me, and my fans.

ShanQ for your support! so glad finally this happened.



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