Monday, March 7, 2016

Yogi And Furriends (Facebook page) is back!

Good Grumpy 2016!!

I know I have not updated this blog for months.
The last post was about my fan page (Facebook) was suspended suddenly
for no reason.
It happened in August, 2015.
My people contacted FB (it was not easy, really),
and finally FB got me my page back (February 23, 2016).

Yogi And Furriends (Facebook)

We were going to merge the temporary page to the original
Yogi And Furriends when the original one was back, but
if something happened again, we will need the temporary page then,
so we decided to keep both.
Yogi And Furriends 2

Our problem was solved, but  it is not over.
the real problem is that Facebook do not think of users,
they don't think of our side of situation when problem occur.

The major problem is that FB has no User Support Dept that we can
contact by phone/e-mail/mail/in purrson or chat reach at a
real purrson at FB .
Currently, they only offer us Self-Help, and FAQ/Forum.
it wastes time a lot until you find out how to solve your problem.
(not just a phone call or e-mail away).
 many people don't know what their problems were,  and how to fix,
then some give up the acct, and create a new one.

FB don't listen to us.
Have you ever reported someone's acct or post on FB?
there is no blank on report form for us to write FB the details of
our reason why decided to report the person/posts.

This is really frustrated.

About a year ago,
I saw the "Beating cats on Valentine's Day" event by some insane people on FB,
We had discussion about it on my page (Yogi And Furriends) ,
asked celebrities to spread the post on Twitter then, 'cause even after hundreds of
people reported FB the event,  FB did not remove it by telling us
"it was not violation".

Many things of FB is strenji.
I heard that FB allowed Drug Queen people to use their business name
for their FB accts when regular people are not allowed to use fake names.
I don't say that everyone should be allowed to use fake names, but
if FB allow drug Queen people to use non-real names for their FB accts,
why don't they allow some other people too such as victims of stalking (on FB/other SNS),
young women, and teen users?

Today we can customize so many things,
but FB still believe their manual is 120% always right,
they don't think/accept "unusual case"
If our questions are not found in their FAQ page,
they don't want to hear it, they don't want to help,
so they do not offer
User Support Dept that we can call, or write inquiry ?

This is real story,
recently we found FB accts whose name was "Persian Cat",
and "xxxxx Kosher Deli", both using personal acct with
such names.
Using pet's name is violation, and using personal acct for
business is also violation,
so we reported, but FB said they did not find any violation.
Why do FB allow some people to use their personal accts with
fake name or business name ??
Isn't that unfair? want to tell them something??
But no phone#, no E-mail. ...(mailing address- Yes, but
not sure if anyone read and reply, some friends said
they wrote letters, but no replies),

So We started Petition for that.
if you agree with me,
please sign and spread this petition,

Petition: Demand FB to provide us USER SUPPORT DEPT!

The photo of me and Japanese lady(shown above)was removed by FB
shortly after we posted on Yogi And Furriends in May 2014.
Not sure why, all FB said was this photo was violation,
all they gave me was the link to the page about violation,
But it said Violations are nudity, discrimination, crime,
I still don't know which violation my picture was.
But I had no place to call, write... once FB said violation, and decided
to remove it, I can not do anything.
(it is awful, if at least I heard the reason, I would understand, but
no reason was explained, and no way to ask why, and get the photo posted

I don't want to use FB but FB is like  a Yellow Page now,
even if I do not want to use, friends/family/people in business
might expect me to be on FB for contact.
And my Yogi And Furriends page has approx 4000 fans now,
it is irresponsible to quit or move out of FB only because I don't like.

* US residents can sign the Petition from PC or Mobile,
people outside USA can sign only on PC.
(choose your country first on the form on PC).

Anyway, my page is back, and I am glad.
But Grumpy at FB.



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