Sunday, January 29, 2017

Customer support via SNS

As you can imagine, my manager uses PC and mobile a lot daily.
contacting and getting the latest photos of me from my Momsy,
hosting my pages, updating my page twice a day,
update my Instagram,  designing for merchandise, and so on,

And often gets technical problem with her devices.
The first thing most people do is to call the customer support, but
she has not confidence in explaining her problems over the phone, in English,
often wishes that she could show the customer support people her problem in photos.

So she used to write to the customer support in E-mail,
but E-mail does not allow photos to attach,
and she has to explain all her problem in one message,
writing a full explanation takes time.

I don't know how she found, but I think
oneday she saw a tweet from a phone company about a new product,
and asked a question,
then she got the answer very quickly,
so she has started using Twitter whenever she got a question, or when she needed
technical support,
she tried Outlook, T-Mobile, USPS,  Samsung, HP etc..
all of those business immediately replied via Twitter,
until they hear  "it was fixed, thank you" from her,
 they do not stop writing her back.
she can attach the photos to her message as well.
so she does not need to write full (long) explanation, and the
companies understand what the problem is immediately.
Asked Samsung for help about the error
they do not stop commuinicating until they hear me say "fixed!"

Major companies/business Twitter accts allow people to send messages with/without follow.
(*between individual accts, you must follow each other(with friends, celebrities)
 in order to send message).

 Major companies/business Twitter acct shows Message button. 

My manager has got supports from all those companies via Twitter immediately.

I thought this way to contact support is faster and convenient,
so I decided to talk about it here today.
try it next time you need help from business.

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