Monday, January 23, 2017



As you guys know, I use 2 languages on my SNS -English, and Japanese.
(why? because I'm interenational, and prejident).
I bet many of you have seen me hosting Japanese friends in Japanese language on FB,
Twitter etc.. and I have 2 blogs that 1 is here, and 1 is Japanese version.
Often 2 my blogs do talk about different topics,
I mean Japanese one is not the translated version of this English version of Yogi blog.
if you do not understand Japanese, but want to know what my Japanese blog topics are,
you gotta ask someone fluent in the language to translate for you.

But  Do not use GOOGLE, BING  etc.., I do not recommend online translator,
because inaccurate.
I show you here example.

The latest posts from my other blog (Japanese)

the part in blue, says 頑張って書くわ
(means "I'll write with my best", or "I'll write very hard")
I put the sentence in Bing translator

See? it can not translate correctly. Bing says what I said in Japanese means
"Good luck and Write".
then I put the sentence in the translator, to translate into Japanese.

O No, it did not translate the same as original words I first entered.
Can you see?

Another example

Japanese sentence in the blue area : あたしの写真持ってポーズしてくれって
(2 Cellos must have been surprised(or shocked) when they were asked to hold my photo).

This time, I put the sentence into Google,

It says " I was surprised", (not 2 Cellos).

Some people think they can be friends with anyone in the world because
they can use online translator,
I have seen on FB that a friend from Europe commented my Japanese friend that
"you are so sweet", in Japanese.

But no such expression in Japanese with the word "Sweet",
but the friend apparently did not know it,  and believed what Google gave her was correct,
she pasted the words as her comment to my Japanese friend, that looked very strenji, and even
'cause if you tell Japanese people "you are sweet" it means, the person is immature, or inexperience, don't think things seriously.. like that.

So be careful of using online translator, if you need help,
asking someone who is fluent in the language is  the best.

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