Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy New Year !

Yah, Happy New  Year!
I have been thinking of how to take care of this Blog space,
also my other SNS.

What can I do here ?
Our friend Daisy, the Curly cat has quit her blog 1-2 yrs ago.
her mom said she has been busy and  updating her blog was difficult.
('cause need to find the topics to write daily, weekly...)
I feel the same,
since this Blog title is "Daily Yogi", it sounds like this blog
space is for all about me.
what I do daily is sleeping 10 hours or more /day, eet, and babysit, that's
the reality of "Daily Yogi". I rarely have any news.
latest photos are posted on my FB page twice daily.
news are posted on my FB pages too.

What I know is that the reason people use blogs lately seems for the information about
fashion, trend, ideas, health, food etc.. about living.
so I think I'm gonna bring any kind of topics here, anything I think helpful or interesting.
OK? I will talk about it here.
Of course, if there is something about me to write, I will do so.
so I can update this blog more often, I think.

How to make Yogi craft?

cusotmized doll ideas?

How to find more food after your bowl gets empty?

Yah, I'll bring varieties of topics here from now. I want to talk about many things, not
only about me, cats.

See you!!


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