Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10, 2011

Gud Evvning!! I'm not sleepy tuday, Ok. but grumpy as usual.
I've been busy with taking orders and ship my mugs to furriends all week. I've shipped 3 packajis tuday.
den at evvning, Imoecat showed the YOGI PEN on Yogi and Furriends page(Facebook),  many fans immediately kept asking fur how to get. Ooo Noooo!! why are so many peeple fascinated about XXXL, Middle aged man, Hippo-me???
the Yogi pen

Yogi Pen is a new promo(free gift) for furriends who purrchased Yogi mug.(also repeat customer, multiple Yogi merchandise order can receive one). some furriends asked if they can purrchase Yogi pen, but I said No. it's promo item, I don't sell promo item(I also call it free gift), I want furriends to enjoy shopping Yogi merchandise and buy again and again... I want to make them feel fun about me, so I always give free gifts for Yogi merchandies purrchase. Please remember, the part of our sales will go to needy furriends in shelters. if my merchandise sale increase, I can donate more.
I'm in the stroller(another name of this is "The Yogi mobile")

Well, I am getting sleepy and grumpier now(see? scary). lemme go now, See you tomoroooo.

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