Saturday, June 11, 2011

June11, 2011

Hellow. I've decided to update this blog early today before I get sleepy and grumpy. I've got a new hat today!!! it's a nice leopard print hat. I feel like the Queeeeen of Africa. I'll show you. 

Not Bad, isn't it?

Grumpy, look like a middle aged woman.

what did you think? I didn't know that I looked OK with leopard purrint. I hink I am gonna buy more Leopard purrint clothing/accessorries. well, see you tomorooooo, XLXL


  1. nice hat whare ya got it:)

  2. Hi Ava!! the hat was a gift from a furriend to Hattie(Yogi's skinny sibling), looked like handmade. Yogi borrowed from Hattie. ShanQ fur writing me. XLXL~Imoe

  3. I love your hat, Yogi! It's very becoming! Maybe you should start your own hat line?

  4. ShanQ ~, I am glad you like Yogi's new hat. she felt like she was an African Qeeeeen !! (but the truth is that she just borrowed from my XS sibling..) XLXL

  5. We like how your ears can poke out of that hat...actually looks comfortable unlike most hats.

  6. Hi, ShanQ fur your comment, Oh yes, the hat has openings fur cat ears, so it's comfy to wear. you can purrchase the same one at