Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19, 2011

Gud Evvning. Happy father's day!! As you know, I am often mistaken a middle aged man, but glad nobody wrote on my fan page "Happy father's day, Yogi!". I'm a girl!! and only 6 yr old.(approx mid 30~40 yr old in cat age? well.. then I am a middle aged cat anyway).
the middle aged man
But I myself like that I can look many things from Middle aged man to Hippo, Ham, Grandma, Penguin, Micky mouse, a dog, Lady Gaga, not many cats do that. I might look like copying others, but it is not, I do it in my way. that's important, just copy what somebody else exactly does is not fun, and boring, also it makes the original purrson feel angry or bad. just get an idea of the purrson then you gotta do create your thing by yourself in your own idea and way. that's the cool thing like Hip hop music.  Speaking of Hip Hop, I am sometimes  MASTER YOGI.(Hippo Hop artist).

Master Yogi with girls
Master Yogi is cool, isn;t he? by the way, the girl in Pink outfit is our famous Furriend Luna, and the one in blue tutu is Aragon from Australia(a boy).  they both Himmy(Himarayan) and fluffy.  Master Yogi outfit is Burberry cap and The Golden Girls tee. the Golden girls are wrinkly-sagging peeple, they are my furriends.
also respecting older peeple is good thing, so I wear their Tee.(I've notified Luna and Aragon and got purrmission to use their image for my promo pic, I always do that.).

another middle aged man shot. zzzz
Well, time to ZZZz now, see you tomorrroooo. XLXL.. Yogi


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