Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

Gud Evvning! I hink we'll get Yogi merchandise back in stock in few days, and I am going to be busy again. many furriends are waiting fur Yogi Mug. I can't believe that people want mug in the summer. we'll get new Tote this time.
New tote (13x13x2.5)

And quantity is limited, but new tee with special promo price(only 4-5 available in size S,M, XL)
And new sticker (comes with your next purrchase of Yogi merchandise)
I always enjoy designing merchandise and surrprise fans with free gifts. some people have suggested us to have a shop in so fans can go there and pick any items they want and buy 24 hrs/365days. it looks convenient, but if we decide to do that, somebody else(at will take your order and pack and ship to you. they won't sell their merchandise at low price, they won't include free gifts or write fans thank you note fur me. we do not prefurr that and fans don't wish either, so I know the way we do(ask fans to sign up fur pre-order or back order list and get merchandise and sell) is not convenient, but allow us to do this way. (we also know people don't buy if my merchandise are always available to buy at certain store anytime, they will postpone buying, and will forget about buying eventually, limited quantity and limited time only is better fur me). we've shipped my merchandise to Japan, Australia, New Zealand and UK so far. someone in the other countries own my merchandise!! strenji ane exciting!!

If you has any question about Yogi merchandise, please write in comment area or my fan page on FB and ask us. XLXL... Yogi.

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