Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5, 2011

Good Evvning, Furriends!! Time fur your Sunday night scary moovie!!  my latest video, you can see real me!!! I am really size XXXL and  really a middle aged man!!

Scary, huh?
dat's what I was doing all day tuday-napping.

It's really hot here in CO now. maybe I should take a bath soon.  

and here are my latest photos also (all photos & video by my momsy).
some furriends think I 've lost some weight, but dat's not true, see?

sleeping and smiling in one
 I hope you like my moovie. if you like scary moovie, you don't need to go to theater or rent video from store,
you can always find my moovie here dat's scary. well, see you tomorooo. XLXL... Yogi


  1. Yep, Disco snores a fat middle aged man, hahameow!

  2. Oh yes, it's common that chubby middle aged men snore. XXXL Sphynx middle aged men too.