Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011

Gud Evvning!! It was very busy day with taking and processing order Yogi merchandise all evvning. 3 packajis to go tomorroo. some furriends who ordered on Monday said they have received their order today, and wrote me that they really liked what they have got, I was very happy to hear dat. mugs are all sold out now, 13 of them in 2 days.

By the way, this is the latest photo of me tuday.
Me sitting in da Yogi Mobile. strenji..
and this is the latest creation by Imoecat for tuday.(just finished 20 minutes ago).
I am modeling fur the new tight.
well, I am soooo tired tuday, so lemme go now. See you tomoroooo. XLXL... Yogi

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