Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12, 2011

Gud eeevning! Iam sleepy and grumpy now. well, people still talking about my new hat that I showed here yesterday, actually it was sent to my XS sibling,  and I just borrowed and tried it on, but I was the one looked better with the hat. dat's all. when my XS sibling tried the hat, she looked like a giraff, when I did, I looked like the Queen of AFRICA.(I won!)

Anyway the furriend who made the hat has opened the Hat shop fur cats today. it's only on FB and in order to look at what they have and to contact, you must be a member of FB. if you are interested and would like to make purrchase please visit,
 the very same hat I was wearing yesterday is available to purrchase.

There was another topic furriends surrprised about. this picture. (below), the kitten. do you know who it is ?

That's me!!
Yes, that is me, but not 5 yrs ago, it was the very latest picture of me that I took yesterday!!
I look like a baby, don't I? 
And the photos below  are from yesterday. I myself ordered Yogi merchandise and received the packaji yestreday. (sorry there is technical problem with this blog now, this blog does not allow me to write below the last picture, so I better say see  you tomorrrrooooo. here.(sorry about that)  XLXL... Yogi

The Yogi momsy can out real Yogi(me) in it and go out.

My XS sibling recognized me on the mug. 

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