Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

Gud Evvning!! it was hot here in CO tuday. Finally summer weather now, so I was in the outfit like this to relax tuday.
this style was sooo comfy, you should borrow the pants from your daddy, and try it.
The Yogi tee I donated for the auction fur fund raising fur rescues in CO has the bid price $21 now. (that is even higher than the price of the tee at Yogi shop). Yogi tote has $7. At the auction page, nobody knows me, so I can't believe someone actually thought it was cool or something and placed a bid.. but it helps needy furriends, so I hink getting higher bid amount is good. We also sent money to a homeless boy in South Los Angeles shelter today. we really do donate/suppurt/help needy furriends from Yogi Fund and merchandise.

And those pics of me are the latest (today).

it was hot, I cleaned myself.

I've covered up my XXXL lower body.
And this was The Daily Yogi pic by Imoe for today. me in Hollywood(again) with Lady Gaga.
I've been very busy lately since the Yogi mug was success. I don't want to make new products to urge fans to buy more and more but always think of new ideas evvyday.  well, den see you tomorrrooo,

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