Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011

 Gud Evvning, Furriends! it's really getting warm here in CO since yesterday (finally). I gotta stick out my tongue like doggies do when they feel hot.
See? I am hot tuday.

    Hot.. dat doesn't meen this kind of Hot..this is scary not Hot.

   Speeking of "sticking out tongue". my furriend Luna the Fashion kitty(she's famous for sticking her tongue out) has a problem today.
( she goes to work with her mom to the office her mom works at daily, her mom has to work at new office soon, and the new office says no Pets, Luna may have to be staying at home when mom is at work from now..they're so worried. we joined the talk and gave her ideas, suggestions. I has many siblings with me at home, so I am not so worried about staying at home when my mom goes out. (Oh yes, why didn't I suggest Luna mom to have one more cat fur Luna companion!! but I hink it's not easy to her mom to do so.. 'cause she might want to choose another fluffy cat who requires high maintenance). her mom wants to convince the office purrson about it instead of considering any other things we suggested. I hope Luna is allowed to go to the new office. (another option, me call the office to scare the office manajer or boss  saying "allow Luna to come to the office, or else").
I think Luna and her mom are unique. her mom should get a show biz job such as being a movie star, singer, something like dat, then she should be able to take Luna everywhere, or have her own business and office of course.

 Sometimes I wonder if my mom treats me like Luna mom does to Luna-I mean what if my mom takes me to everywhere she goes, dresses me up, etc..I think that's very scary. I would scare people everywhere everyday.

 By the way, these are my new photos fur today.


I was grumpy as usual

  well, that's all fur today, see you tomoroooo, XLXL...Yogi

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