Friday, June 3, 2011

June3, 2011

Gud evvning!! I almost slept before I update this blog tuday. My tongue sticking out picture from yesterday became so popular on FB today. I can't beleeve many furriends like me and supurrt me. Shanks very much.
today my momsy took a new photo of me, that I look like a baby purrson.
Me with a baby knitcap. not sure if I look like a baby purrson or no hair Raggae meowsician.

And these are the funny pics of me by Imoecat in the last 3 days.


Jeniffer Aniston-me.
  Speaking of Jeniffer, I has seen the episode of Furriends once that she thought Sphynx cat was cool and got it, but tired of taking care of the cat quickly and also got complaints from her room mates,  so she decided to sell it on the street. I did not like the story---finally I had a chance to revenge to her tuday(by making her fun with my wrinkly face).
Well, see you tomorooo, XLXL... Yogi

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