Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Gud Evvning. Yesterday I talked about rescuing needy homeless furriends in shelter, today, I was able to give some money from my Yogi fund (my saving from merchandise sale) to the one who needed to have surgery. I feel little better today. the truth is furriends who ordered Yogi merchandise over the weekend paid immediately, all of them, so I was able to give my little donation to the furriend. my fans are XXXL reliable, I am so happy to be loved by them.

Today's my funny pic by Imoe.
Me on peta ad, I am against fur, of course,
and the latest photos of me from my mom,-Me and Hattie(the only sister who is not afraid of me)
we look like cats

Hattie sniffing me

I sniffing her butt.

Trying to eat her again
I'd like to show you more photos of me with my siblings, but except Hattie(the girl in the photo above), everybody else are afraid of me, hard to catch for mom the moment other cats are near me.
In this photo, there is Mimsy behind me, she is blind, doesn't know what I look like.
 Well, then see you tomorooo, XLXL .... Yogi

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