Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28, 2011

 Gud Evvning!! I'm sleepy and grumpy.

I'm grumpy, wrinkly and scary. In my imagination world, I appear anywhere and I can be anything, but in reality, difficult to go out actively since I have the XXXL belly. The XXXL belly makes me difficult to move fast, Some cats might be admiring to my XXXL belly because it makes me popular now, but I do not recommend anyone to be size XXXL or getting XXXL belly, it is not healthy and look strenji.

In my imagination world, I went to the beach today to get tan (by Imoe cat)
I'm getting purrple tan.
Recently my relative cat (not Sphynx, regular cat with fur) has died at age 6 same as my age, and he was XXXXL, nearly 30 lbs.(I am 20 lbs). it was not just his thing, it could happen to me too anytime, so I think I need to be careful and should watch what and the amount I eet.

XXXL not healthy
I wish I could sleep longer without being intertupted by noise, smell of food, etc.. then I might be able to skip meal time 1-2 times a day..well, I am going to sleep now. see you tomoroooooo,
 XLXL, Yogi

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