Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

Gud Evvning!! I hink because Holiday weekend is coming up, I did not talk with many furriends on FB tuday. that was boring, really. I don't like Holiday weekend, it's confusing, and miserable unless we have relatives and furrmily to have some fun with. since I was homeless, I don't know where my biological purrents or relatives, siblings are, I can't contact and visit them. I hope oneday they'll see me on FB or on this blog and will contact me.
Well, this morning, my furriend suggested me to create something and submit to some cat fan page on FB. Since I was bored and  sounded fun, I tried it. wanna see it?
you see, this is a picture of kitten having nightmare, I had to fill in what scares the kitten in his dream.

My submission: Nothing  is scary except me!!!

Then I finally was able to announce new Free gift pack (given to customers for Yogi merchandise purchase) today. wanna see them?
My autographed photo, sticker set(2 design X 2 pcs each) and Yogi button   
not a lot, but most customers will get more than these, some previous gift packs are still available, so first time to order customers will get this pack and previous pack, and if anyone order mug, they'll get Yogi pen also.

And today's my funny pic by Imoe cat.
this is not new hairdo, these are many pictures of baseball, and I am one of them, yes, I'm a baseball!!
New photos.

Well, see you tomorooo, XLXL. Yogi

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