Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

Gud evvning!! it was hot tuday here in CO. Imoe cat said that she has got a big packaji from printing company tuday-inside was Yogi merchandise!! the Mugs, Totes, Tees, Mouse pads, and new promo items!! the mug was gorjas!!
The actual Mug was exactly this!! (photos on both sides)
 Oo I can not wait to get mine(I ordered myself 6 of them!!!) and drink water from this cup. this is preordered items, being notified by Imoe cat if your name is pre-order list. But  Imoe said that maybe few would be available fur furriends who was not in pre-order list also. will be talking about it when we find out how many people can purrchase . (if you are interested, check out Yogi and furriends on FB).

And this is today's my Funny pic by Imoe;         

 I think I look very intelligent in this pic. I'm sleepy, and when I get sleepy, I gonna get grumpy... so lemme sleep now. see you tomoroo. XLXL... Yogi                                              

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